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"By revolutionary system of contracts for our sales representatives who were using tablets with application we signed more then 40 thousand contracts with new customers during first 6 months."

Jiří Písařík, Managing Bohemia Energy


Bohemia Energy, the largest supplier of alternative energy in the Czech Republic has successfully implemented the transition from paper-based to a fully electronic signing new contracts through tablets. Innovative solutions brought about a significant increase in the efficiency of business representatives, while a significant acceleration and cheapening related processes.

For the acquisition of new clients Bohemia Energy, among other instruments also utilizes an extensive network of sales representatives. Communication with potential new customers usually takes the form of a personal meeting directly with clients. During the negotiations were sellers using lists, forms and other documents in paper form (until now).


Key target of the project – streamlining
signing new contracts

The activities of sales representatives was burdened by a large volume of work tasks performed themselves as sales representatives, and subsequently work of call center and back office workers. Signing new contracts would not be possible without having to print huge amounts of paper forms, price lists and other materials. All related activities were tedious and prone to error. The entire process associated with the conclusion of the contract was shortened from 14 days to just two days.

The main part of the solution

Mobile apps for tablets

Crucial part of the solution is a mobile application for tablets, which are using sales representatives who can perform all activities related to the conclusion of new contracts. Through the mobile application can vendor to the customer presents a menu filled customer information, who eventually directly on the display tablet just signing contracts signing.

Completed and signed document is then automatically sent via the Internet to the appropriate database Bohemia Energy.

Collective management of mobile devices (mobile device management)

Bohemia Energy has equipped all of its nearly 500 sales representatives tablets on which it is installed mobile applications Bohemia Energy. The entire fleet of tablets is centrally managed through tools AirWatch, whose implementation has been an integral part of the overall solution.

AirWatch is the current leader among tools for collective management of mobile devices. Thanks to its implementation to ensure the possibility to remotely manage updates mobile app Bohemia Energy and resolve issues related to security risks on your mobile device. Business representatives have access to the tablet only to a Bohemia Energy, calendar and calculator. Using the web browser is restricted to a limited set of domains into the tablet can download and install additional applications. When lost or stolen tablet can be remotely erase completely. All of these measures are used to provide maximum safety and protection of corporate data.

Partner portal

An integral part of the solution is a Web application for managing contracts and sales representatives. Through a web interface, employees backoffice can perform all activities related to the contracting process. It is all about control of contracts in terms of formal correctness, eliminate any typos or supplement any missing data.

The portal is also used to administer the sales representatives. The web application provides detailed information about each member of the sales team, the activity of individual sellers can be traced to the synoptic maps. The application is also able to detect any possible fraudulent behavior, the solution effectively helps to eliminate fraud.

Integration layer

Linking all part of the solution with existing IT systems was realized through the integration layer. This part of the solution ensures data exchange between mobile applications, partner portal and IT infrastructure Bohemia Energy, with an emphasis on scalability, speed, security, and seamless scalability in the future.

Solution developed by eMan (


Benefits of solution

  • Acceleration of signing process with customers from 14 days to just two days.
  • Streamline processes, reduce costs backoffice.
  • Cost savings on printing and distributing paper documents (order forms, price lists, terms and conditions etc.).
  • Great reduction of errors due to writing the input data electronically.
  • Greater transparency and control of functioning network of sales representatives.
  • Significant reduction in space for the emergence of fraud in the case of dishonest behavior of sales representatives.
  • Standardization of business processes due to the fact that sellers are guided through the process of concluding a contract mobile application.
  • Detailed reports serve as a support tool for further streamlining the sales network.
  • Greater comfort completing contracts for sales representatives.


1) Analysis, specification,
integration with existing
systems (2014)

2) Technology design and

3) Description of existing
processes associated with
entering into new contracts

4) The development of
mobile applications and
partner portal and
integration with existing

5) Testing

6) Pilot operation
with internal staff

7) Deployment into
production (June 2014)

8) Collecting comments and
requests from actual
operations and
their implementation

9) Service

Facts about the project

Mobile app
Developed for tablets with Android OS
Deployed 500 tablets
Mobile Device Management
Used world-leading solutions AirWatch
Partner portal
Developed on the platform Ruby On Rails

Execution time
7 months
Starting the full operation
June 2014
The cost of implementation
Unit mil. Crowns

Number of contracts
40 000 contracts for the first 6 months
Shortening the processes associated with
the conclusion of the contract

Of the original 14 shortened to
two days
Return on investment
< 2 years

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