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"After a successful trial period using eMenu iPads we decided to go ahead with their iPad menus, and we've had a very positive response."

Abigaels of Broadway, Manhattan, New York

"eMenu International has been a very proactive, efficient and highly professional company to work with. eMenu’s iPad software is very user friendly and has been particularly effective in increasing our drink sales."

Hailey Wagner, Sommelier, Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

"Our brand was founded on personal service. eMenu made sure our electronic menus complemented our excellent staff in every way."

W hotel, Barcelona, Spain

"It definitely has the “WOW” factor we were looking for. Our customers were delighted!"

La Oca diagonal, Barcelona, Spain

"Great food presentation is something we pride ourselves on. The eMenu screen gives our customers a preview of that experience and gets them excited about what they order."

Sharon Melik, Crowne Plaza Dead Sea, Israel

"I confess, I thought the process of putting iPad menus into my restaurant would be one big headache. Far from it. eMenu was there every step of the way. They figured out a plan I could afford, trained my staff and even gave us a docking station they designed themselves."

Benedetto Laiacona, Manager Porto Vivo, Huntington, NY


As the first in the Czech Republic, we introduced digital dining, wine and cocktail menu presented on iPads called eMenu.

We created quite elegant, high-design and a simple form of presentation of food, drinks and services.

Our company is built on two primary products

for digital menus and innovative digital advertising. Actually these products complement each other and the result is ultimately a much greater effect on the target customer.

The great thing is done just one product, but a synergy between several products at once!



eMenu is the future in the presentation of food, drinks and services. This innovation facilitates work with the constant creating, updating and printing paper menus. eMenu enables easy and immediate change prices, descriptions of meals, wine vintages and other items, which varies throughout the day.

Restaurants now offer not only food and drinks but also many other services that are equally important and attractive. The most common solution how to quickly address the guests and neighborhood with any sudden communication are the website, dining plates or racks, paper stands on the table, internet advertising, and personnel.

But none of this does not guarantee that the guest will be adequately addressed. eMenu enables all of these services are included in one of the elegant presentation, where host understands everything immediately when scrolling through a menu.

Waiting Area

eMenu for Waiting Area is a large touch screen placed in front of or in the foyer of your restaurant. Attracts the attention of potential guests who just passes by the restaurant. They can then simply view the menu neatly photographing or special events.


The Results

The average sales increase of 3-6 % of each customer,
after the first 3 months of using eMenu.

eMenu recommended restaurants from around the world.
From family businesses to major global companies.

eMenu sensitively combines a human approach waiter
with innovative technologies to increase the dining experience..

Do you care about how could such solution
might look like in your restaurant?

Contact us:

Michal Dolina
Phone: +420 604 251 347